ZendDebugger with php 5.3 on Eclipse PDT

I’m just wondering if anyone has successfully installed zendebugger with php 5.3. I downloaded the zenddebugger for my centos 5 (64-bit) here:

I downloaded the last link on the list. The only problem is that the unpacked only goes up to 5.2.x and there doesn’t seem to be a 5.3.x ZendDebugger.so module.

I followed all the readme instructions but the zend debugger is not displaying with my phpinfo.

Has anyone got it to run with php 5.3?


So far from my investigation there doesn’t seem to be a ZendDebugger module for php 5.3 yet. The download page is located here:

There is an option to download the Zend Server CE (Community Edition); however, it seems the latest posting of a review on Dec 31, 2009 indicates that there are some larger problems that still need to be worked out. So at the moment I’m trying to install xdebug on my Centos 5.x machine. I will try and post something later to keep others posted.

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