Install Zend Server CE-Centos 5, LAMP compiled

I’m thinking of installing zend server on my centos. However, I just installed lamp on my centos and compiled everything (rather than using yum).

1) I’m just wondering if I install the Zend Server than will it completely disable and mess up my recent complied LAMP install?

2) Will I be able to “switch” between my compiled LAMP and the Zend Server? If so, how could I do this?

I’d like to test out the Zend Server.


I haven’t tested having Zend Server Ce and a source compiled LAMP on my Centos 5 side by side yet but I managed to find this comment posting regarding the Zend Server CE on the Windows with a non thread safe version since Zend no longer makes a thread safe version.

I will post when I run some more tests. I didn’t find a ZendDebugger for php 5.3 on my Centos 5 64-bit machine but the ZendDebugger module comes with the Zend Server CE so I’ll have to try and install. Will post later on this matter though.

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