Wordpress Desktop client for Windows XP, Vista, 7

Just testing some desktop WordPress clients for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. I found w.bloggar and I’m testing it right now to see how it works. I don’t see any ability to add in the Meta tag information like description and keywords though. But it seems to work well enough. I’m running Windows Vista 32bit Home Premium. I’m searching for a wordpress desktop client as I found my blog site is too slow (but it’s still a great blog tool). For a free program I can’t complain though. It seems to work well for me.

This is just a short review of w.bloggar. W.bloggar allows you to view previous posts and edit them as well. There is a preview tab to see what your blog post will look like. The other thing I think that would be nice is the ability to add tags. If it does allow it then I couldn’t find it readily enough. I tried to search the help files but nothing happens when I click on the help files or when I click on F1. The version of w.bloggar I’m using is version 4.03. Apparently, there is no Mac or Linux version but the author does suggest others on his site at the link above.

w.bloggar WordPress desktop client

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