svn tortoise repository: subfolders in wrong path

I have this main folder that is a SVN repository here:
C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs\SkinCare

See snapshot:
Tortoise SVN new repository browser

I changed the path from the previous repository and everything seems to have gone well but there are a few sub-folders that are still pointing to the old location such as this folder:
C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs\SkinCare\trunk\dev_8\reserve\dev_6\hs

See snapshot:
Tortoise SVN Repository browser wrong path

How do I change the other folders to point to the new SVN repository?

When I right-click on the ‘hs’ folder and go to ‘relocate’ I receive this pop-up message:
Tortoise SVN change path with switch or relocate command

Should I be using a ‘switch’ or ‘ relocate’?

When I try the ‘switch’ operation I receive this error:
Tortoise SVN switch operation failed

I then tried the ‘relocate’ and this is the error I received:
Tortoise SVN relocate operation failed

How do I resolve this problem?

This is how I resolved this problem:

You have to delete all the .svn folders recursively within the folder that you wish to update with regards to the working SVN path. In may case, it was changing from the C directory to the J directory.

Tortoise SVN delete all .svn folders recursively

Here is how to add your folders to the new SVN repository. Just right-click the main folder (in my case, ‘hs’ folder), select TortoiseSVN->Add. Click OK.

You should see Tortoise SVN adding the files and folders:
Tortoise SVN add new folders to repository

Tortoise SVN adding files and folders to new SVN repository

Then right-click the folder again (‘hs’ in my case) then select Commit…
Tortoise SVN commit

The click OK:
Tortoise SVN commit changes

Then you can check to see if your working path to the new SVN repository has been updated by right-clicking on the folder (‘hs’, in my case) then select TortoiseSVN->Repo-browser:
Check repo browser settings after the commit changes

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