Skype Call Forwarding Business

I have a client who wishes to create multiple local United States phone numbers through the Business Control Panel. I set up users and then associate the business numbers numbers to each user. For example, I set up a user called “California-Los-Angeles” and then pick a Los Angeles number to associated with this user.

1) So what I want to do is forward this Los Angeles number to one central number in Boston like 1(877) 216-3342.

I see that I can forward a skype number but I only saw this option under the “Account” tab. But when I go to the “Business” tab and then click on one of the users.

Skype business member profile page

Here is a snapshot of the “Account” settings and I see there is a call forwarding feature but I have to login to the business section and I couldn’t see any call forwarding feature for the assigned numbers.

Skype call forwarding personal profile page

2) What is SIP?
Skype for SIP Beta allows your business to call phones from your SIP PBXs as well as receive Skype calls directly to your SIP PBXs. I’m wondering if I have to set up a SIP PBX but if we can do something simpler that would be good.

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