Skype Business Call Forwarding: Multiple People / Members

I’m wondering how to set up call forwarding via the Business Control Panel. I posted this problem on my blog and have some snapshots on this page:

I took a snapshot here of the ‘People’ I set up in the Business Control Panel.

Skype Business Control Panel - People profiles

I still have to sign up for the subscription.

I notice that on this page:
it states:
“…To turn on call forwarding, go to Tools > Options > Calls > Call forwarding (in Windows) or Skype > Preferences > Calls (in Mac)…”

But the question is if I have multiple ‘People’ then how would I call forward all of these ‘People’ to one Boston USA number?

Do I need an Asterisk PBX or SIP PBX? I’m not quite certain what is a SIP PBX.

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