Unable to read disc checksum for primary volume descriptor

I had a problem when I was trying to install Centos on my development server. I successfully installed the first disc fine as it passed the mediacheck Linux tool. I burned all the 7 CDs with Acer’s burn tool. When I tested the rest of the discs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 using the linux mediacheck the message is “Unable to read disc checksum for primary volume descriptor.” And then the message states that I should create a disc with checksums.

A technician suggested using daemon tools and copy the iso file to the virtual drive and then downloaded nero (trial) to copy that image. I received the same error. I was ending up wasting a lot of discs. I even went so far as to purchase a DVD writer and tried that with new DVD+R discs. Same error.

Here is the snapshot of the contents of the dvd file:
Centos dvd contents when trying to burn it with Acer's burn tool

There was a folder and files; however, I saw there was an iso file as well. This obviously is not correctly burned.

Oddly, I did notice that when I mounted the dvd iso file on to the virtual drive with the daemon tool the contents are different than the burnt dvd dl media:
DVD ISO contents of Centos when using Daemon tool virtual drive.

So then someone suggested for me to use ImgBurn which is a free burning program on Windows. This is great burn tool and very easy to learn. So all you need to do once you download and install the program is click on the “Write image file to disc” in the top left corner. Burning an ISO image file to disc using ImgBurn program for Windows

There is a proper way to burn ISO files in Nero; however, currently, my trial ran out so I wqn’t be able to show you. When I get it I’ll make a post how to burn the ISO disc with Nero.

No more “Unable to read disc checksum for primary volume descriptor” errors.

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