Javascript AJAX error in IE-unknown runtime error

Javascript AJAX causes unknown runtime error in IE javascript debugger for IE 7.x and 8.x.

I have this code that works perfectly in firefox but IE 7.x and 8.x has a problem:

function revDescr(condition_id, rev_cat_id) {
    this.condition_id = condition_id;
    this.rev_cat_id = rev_cat_id;
    //update the reverse entry description
    xmlhttp10=GetXmlHttpObject(); //if xmlhttp object not created
    if (xmlhttp10==null) {
        alert ("Browser does not support HTTP Request");

    var url="./include_ajax/updateRevDescrSi.php";


function stateChangedRevDescr() {
    if (xmlhttp10.readyState==4) {
        var data = xmlhttp10.responseText;
        document.getElementById("reverse_content").innerHTML = data;
    } else  {
        document.getElementById("reverse_content").innerHTML = "Please wait...updating";

“unknown runtime error” on this line:

document.getElementById("reverse_content").innerHTML = data;

var data is passed as:



Melasma condition. OTC description.


If I change that one line above to this:

document.getElementById("reverse_content").innerHTML = 'test';

it works. Or if I change it so var data returns ‘return test’ then it works. I found out that simply adding ANY html tag in the var data to something like:




causes this error.

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