Eclipse PDT XDebug 2.1.0, PHP 5.3

I’m just wondering if anyone has successfully got Eclipse PDT with XDebug 2.10 working with PHP 5.3 with remote debugging.

I managed to get the xdebug to install properly as it’s displaying in my phpinfo page.

I think I set everything up correctly in the Preferences of Eclipse. The page opens up in my firefox browser using the form1.php and welcome.php code from the help section of Eclipse. The XDebug session seems to start as I can see the url is displaying the GET parameter. But when I fill out the form and submit the welcome page comes up. Isn’t the debugger supposed to break before it displays the action=”welcome.php” page and show the variables submitted?

Here’s the form1.php code:



Here’s the welcome.php page:

Welcome .

You are years old.

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