IE7pro Review & IE8

Just a short review on IE7pro and IE8. I downloaded and installed IE7Pro since one of the features appealed to me. IE7Pro has a feature of crash recovery which allows one to recover the sites that were opened prior to a crash which happens from time to time. Firefox had this feature for quite awhile but IE7 didn’t. IE7Pro is an add-on to IE7. However, I noticed that this significantly slowed IE7 down. It was to the point that it deterred me from using IE7 unless I really needed to. I used Firefox as my primary browser since it is a very fast browser. Opening up new tabs in Firefox is almost instant on my Vista machine. Just fyi, I have 3 GB Ram, Core2 1.73 Ghz laptop. Despite the negative effects of IE7Pro as an add-on in IE7 I kept it installed. But then IE8 came and it contained the feature of crash recovery. So I decided to see the effects of uninstalling IE7Pro. For those who wish to uninstall IE7Pro in Vista then go to your “Control Panel/Programs & Features”. Search for IE7Pro and uninstall it. Once IE7Pro was installed I checked the speed of IE8 and it was quite a bit faster. I would say opening up a new tab was now approximately 3 times faster than when IE7Pro was installed. It’s still not as fast as Firefox though. The one drawback I found with Firefox is that it seems to crash more frequently especially when playing a lot of streaming videos. So I tend to use IE8 for video streams.

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