Automate Mouse Movement & Keystrokes

I’ve been searching for a way to automate mouse and keystrokes on my laptop. I was looking for a good program that will at least function on my Vista. I recall using a program called ‘Automate’ by Automate 7. It’s an excellent program and will pretty much do anything you want it to do. The only drawback is the price. At a hefty price tag of $1000 I would really need justification to outlay that kind of cash.

So I was looking at some alternatives. There is an imacros program by iOpus which looks like a great program. One of the main benefits is that it allows you to purchase one license and distribute the macros to an unlimited number of other computers. This is a big bonus I think. There are three editions ranging from $50 to $500. I haven’t tried it but it can be used with existing macros programming languages such as VB, PHP, C++, C# and more. The one drawback that seems to be apparent is the functionality of controlling mouse movements on the screen; however, I’ve emailed them and asked if the iOpus imacros program can record mouse movements and does it use a coordinate system to determine the mouse movements. The other thing to note is that it seems like everything needs to be scripted. So if you scripting skills are not that great than this may not be the ideal program.

For my needs, I wanted to automate my form submissions. So I would need a combination of automating my keystrokes and mouse movements. I’ve tried writing some program with cURL but it did have some limitations as the cURL library of PHP doesn’t allow interaction with Javascript on the websites.

The other program which I’m testing now is Robotask. At a price tag of $200 I thought it would be reasonable. The simplicity of the interface and it’s seemingly ease of use is a compelling reason to try this program out for automating my mouse and keyboard. The other pro of Robotask is that it looks like it can connect to MySQL and assign data to variables which can be used to fill out my forms online. I haven’t fully tested this particular functionality but I will post and give my review of it in the future.

Here is a free automate keystroke and mouse movement program that will work on Windows Autoit Script. It states that it allows keystroke and mouse movements which is what I need. The scripting program seems to be proprietary and it’s own language so there may be a bit of a learning curve. Again I haven’t tested it but I will and give my report in a later blog.

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